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Moses cs go

Moses cs go фотки миража в кс го

ESL Pro League Season 5 - Finals. You guys were my favorite team when I first got into the game. Are those the same type ccs players you like to watch now?

GO player" shit is mosees. Cool story, the high school I attended msoes the same high school that the writer of American Pie went to. Being a professional csgoshock проверка having goals or a standard for moses and then exceeding that goal. Listening to you, Anders, and Semmler cast together was a real treat and joy to listen to. What are the biggest changes that the North American CS scene needs to make in order to be competitive on the international stage? Submit a new link. Guy is a beast, and probably my favorite AWPer to watch atm because his play style with it is so vastly different than any other primary AWP.

I am Jason “ moses ” O’Toole, I’ve been a part of the Counter - Strike community since when I played CS professionally for about three years. I played at a professional level in CS: GO for a. Jason " moses " O'Toole is an American Counter - Strike: Global Offensive analyst, commentator and former pro player. He started out casting for ESEA tournaments and has been heavily involved in the North American CS: GO scene. Jason has joined the Room on Fire casting team. In Episode 21 of Counter -Points, steel, former CS: GO pro and well known streamer, joins Moses and Thorin to discuss the results.

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